A music visualization program utilizing WEBGL to craft an immersive visual experience, playing with time and space while granting users interaction for matching their personal aesthetic and processing power. 

Hypnotic, transcendent visual program toying with colors and shapes in a 2D environment.  

An experiment with rotation, user interaction, and proper color variation in p5.js.

Live-crafted musical composition in Sonic Pi, performed at NYU.

Nonsensical, humorous program mocking inspirational web images that generates haikus by syllables and their place in a specific syntax. 

Peculiar and often creepy program granting users the ability to craft a face out of facial body parts, leading to many nonhuman creations. 

A rearrangement of the pixels of an old educational film entitled "VD is for Everybody" with stimulating visual results that attempt to capture the dreamlike sensation of watching videos from a distant past.