Five Nights of Pan

Five Nights of Pan is an immersive spatial listening simulation built through Unity for use in virtual reality with the HTC Vive.

The program explores the possibilities of novel listening experiences through the emerging form of technology and looks towards it potential utilization by other musicians and visual artists. 


The influx of virtual worlds accompanying the rise in virtual reality technology is limited not only to visual recreations; it also prompts questions of how this new medium can affect sound and provide new forms of audial experiences. Without the restrictions of the physical world, VR provides an avenue for sonic creation that moves past stereo and surround sound, potentially crafting a fully functional audiovisual installation in the digital realm - one in which audiences can experience the sensation of “being there” through the stimulation of “doing there” and bestowing a sense of agency over the music. Musicians without the reach, space, or resources for physical installations may have a new path of distribution for their experimental efforts, one that should naturally exist in a time during which the proliferation of access to tracks across locations and genres is increasing rapidly. Developed through Unity for the HTC Vive, Five Nights of Pan is a digital audiovisual installation that aims to explore these possibilities by crafting a functional digital world in virtual reality that grants users the agency to explore an experimental composition through movement, action, and sonic affectation.

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