Minika Ko

The following is a collection of written work from the past two years for NYC-based fashion designer, Minika Ko.  


Biography - Minika Ko

Minika Ko is a fashion designer based in New York City. As an avid traveller, her background is indefinable by a single region. She has worked as a designer in France, Taipei, Los Angeles, finally calling New York City her home. Minika brings her global experiences to the world of fashion, designing with adventurers in mind - the courageous, independent, modern women. Her philosophy lies in enhancing a woman’s confidence by highlighting her best features, such that she will always feel like herself in her outfit – the woman she desires to be.

Minika debuted her women’s ready-to-wear collection entitled KOVASKY on the runway of the New York Fashion Week in September 2016. The collection is made of cutting-edge performance fabrics, including winkle-resistant business attire and eveningwear, water-resistant trench coats, and stain-resistant white dresses. Minika aims to provide high fashion and functional clothing in tailored silhouettes for the powerful career women.

As a fashion designer, Minika often collaborates with artists from other fields. In March 2016, she collaborated with the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado to create a one-of-a-kind paper Samurai Armor for the Samurai, Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection exhibition. Following the Samurai Armor, she designed CloudDress, a garment made of dreamy sheer organza fabrics with a wearable technology NeoPixel panel. The CloudDress was featured at New York University’s Integrated Digital Media Showcase, alongside other distinguished engineers, designers, and creators. The prominent technology website, Adafruit, recently featured CloudDress on their wearable technology website.

On the opening day of the New York Fashion Week in September 2016, Minika served as a judge for Language of Fashion, the fashion event curated by Linda Fargo of the Bergdorf Goodman and hosted by the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Minika offered her expertise as part of the critique while, in turn, presenting 5 avant-garde gowns on the runway from her atelier.

This New York Fashion Week Minika Ko will present her latest collection at a benefit event along with other designers and artists to help end childtrafficking. The runway and art show will take place at the historic Church of Holy Apostles (296 9th Ave, NY, NY) on February 17th at 8PM.

Minika Ko received degrees in Music Business from New York University, and in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She is a recipient of Elle Magazine New Talent Awards, California Fashion Foundation and Textile Association of Los Angele Fashion Star Award, and California Fashion Foundation and Textile Association of Los Angele Future Entrepreneur Award.


Minika Ko debuts new designs at the New York Fashion Week Closing Party

NEW YORK CITY, NY - February 17, 2017 - On Friday, February 17th at 8 PM, Minika Ko will join New York City artists and designers for a benefit fashion and art show, entitled Fashion Week F/W 2017 Closing Party, to help raise awareness of the child trafficking issues in the world. The event will take place at the historic Church of Holy Apostles, which has a rich history of being the center of social outreach in New York City. Accompanying the show will be an original composition by pianist Chi Wei Lo, violist Wei-Yang Andy Lin, and opera singer Anna Cley.

Minika Ko will present an extension of her ready-to-wear Kovasky line, a collection that emphasizes one of her core principles: finding a perfect crossroad of modern and classical. Fittingly, the trio of musicians will be performing compositions such as classical opera aria remixes consisting of contemporary musical elements from the genres of hip hop, techno, and more. Brilliantly, much of the piece will be improvised by the three renowned musicians who regularly perform at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, and the set will be supplemented by a projection-mapped visual display of avant-garde film. The designer, a former classical pianist and cellist, regularly incorporates unique music as part of her showmanship. At Ko’s last show at New York Fashion Week, there was an elaborately crafted original composition performed, bolstering a wonderful night of fashion.

Chi Wei Lo, a Taiwanese-born pianist, has garnered a reputation for his technical mastery and ability to creatively improvise. A winner of the prestigious Steinway Competition, Lo performs as both a soloist and a chamber player, working hard to expand his creativity through varying genres of music. Taiwanese-born Wei-Yang Andy Lin, a prominent violist and erhuist, made his solo debut at Lincoln Center and has performed with such troupes as the Yonkers Philharmonic Orchestra. He is the artistic director and founder of the New Asia Chamber Music Society. Anna Cley, a mezzo-soprano, was born in Normandy, singing and performing as a young child in both France and Belgium and winning numerous international competitions. Cley performed at Minika Ko’s runway show last New York Fashion Week and received marvelous praise. This will be the the first time that the musicians will improvise together as a trio for a fashion show.

Minika Ko’s runway show, a part of the Fashion Week Closing Party, will start at 8 pm on Friday, February 17th at Church of Holy Apostles located at 296 9th Avenue in Manhattan. The event, produced by The Set NYC, is a benefit show, from which all proceeds will go the Freedom Ladder, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the world safer for children.

le tulle.jpg


To be true to oneself is to be comfortable with one’s inner and outer halves. With Le Tulle, the New York City-based designer Minika Ko has fashioned a skirt that is philosophically grounded in the feeling of self-comfort, such that the love a woman feels for her own body may be spread to her relative world and show forth her ease of sensibility. Her love and confidence gleam out from the stark, violet lace detail, one of a kind vintage design and hand-sewn crafting. Inspired by her time in Paris, the capital for the atmosphere of l'amour, Le Tulle defies the traditional standard of multiple layers, made up of but one as a symbol of the refusal to hide beneath covers.


It is fond memories that warm our hearts. The endless possibilities of the future can be exhilarating, but we know internally that what is to come exists due to what has been. Turning a new page in our ever-expanding novel of life, we draw strength and joy through reflective admiration, as too does this new collection from Minika Ko. 1957 is the delight of looking back while taking one step forward, visualizing the past through a sun-kissed filter, like a soft dream of fond memories that we can always count on for warmth. 

Made from authentic vintage fabrics, the garments are creations of timeless design, inspired by preceding fashion while notable for their contemporary twists. Minika Ko, through her perspective of retro styles, designed this collection of winsome silhouettes to bring light-hearted, jubilant style to women's wardrobe, providing femininity through vivid colors and confidence through fun plaids. 

1957 may be a marker of time, but this refreshing collection acts outside of that spectrum, ageless in design and eternal in delight. To find your past and future joys, look no further than 1957.




It is either the consuming end of all, or the feeling of all-consuming pleasure. How will you see it? If you open your eyes, relinquish the surrounding world, and surrender to the swelling euphoria, Rapture will exalt the spirit to near-divinity.

The asymmetrical urban world is everlasting, yielding to no season, as does this collection by Minika Ko. It emphasizes the angularity of the stunningly geometric world while retaining pure femininity in a taut fit. Wasting no amount of space, Minika built this collection through 'no-waste' design, sophisticatedly constructing her garments with the excesses of the open world and finishing them with the finest of techniques to give new light to sustainability.

The Rapture is a sprawling garden of simplistic elegance and luxurious serenity. Decadence awaits those who pursue it; delight for those who trust it; sensuous purity for those who embody it. Thus, the question stands: where will you be when Rapture arrives?