Rethinking the traditional music venue.

Project Information

Project: Landscape Residency

Client: Elsewhere | PopGun Presents

Role: Researcher-In-Residence

Year: 2016

Landscape is an internal arts program attempting to bridge the gap between art and music. The program is a part of Elsewhere, a newly-opened music and arts venue in Brooklyn, NY that is run by Popgun Presents, the former team behind Glasslands Gallery.

My goal, as a Researcher-In-Residence, was to conduct research surrounding the intersection of art, music, and technology, in an effort to enhance the conceptualization of this new music venue, to further explore how to take advantage of the opportunity to build a venue from the ground up, and to prepare that venue for the future of these mediums. 

Residency 1

For three months, I conducted research in and around the spaces of music, art, and technology, exploring their interconnectedness both in and out of their current communities.

The end result was a large-scale data visualization connecting artists, locations, technology, and more that allows viewers to piece together their own conclusions. The visualization highlights their relation, functioning as a tool for further research.

The visualization will be an open, free tool for others to utilize in their own research. It was useful for me, as well, in my graduate thesis pursuit, ultimately altering the path I was on, and helping to finalize the project. More about my thesis can be found here.


Researcher-In-Residence — Zach Dorsett

Selected Works

House of YesUX Design

ProtothonUX Design

HoozeOnUX Research

BeePopulateUX Design

Symphonic PicnicExperience Design

Master's ThesisExperience Design