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Project Information

Project: House of Yes Website

Client: House of Yes

Role: Product Manager | Designer

Year: 2018

Dedicated to connection, creativity, and celebrating life, House of Yes is a music and performing arts venue with no limitations. A self-proclaimed temple of expression, House of Yes has a vibrant story and atmosphere, but its digital presence was was failing to reach its community.

Our team’s mission was to construct a website to bolster their dynamic brand and emphasize the their endless ingenuity. Focusing on the users’ needs, we structured the site to inform them of upcoming events, educate them on the importance of consent, and to show them the striking aesthetic of the venue and its community.


The challenge of this project was translating a brand and mission that is grounded in spontaneity and a subversion of traditional structure to the web, in a format that communicates their aesthetic while remaining informative to their visitors.

Their previous website was awash in heuristic complications, and their visitors reported avoiding the site altogether in favor of staying connected through their Facebook or Eventbrite accounts. While fine for those already in the community, converting new members was a challenge.

The new website is focused on the most important matters first and foremost: upcoming shows, visual and experiential aesthetic, and location, all of which were designated as important in our research. Delving into the back pages gives users the more in-depth story that House of Yes was eager to express, including their founding, their community of talent, and the importance of consent in a safe space. House of Yes is as strong as its community, and their new website is expanding their reach to be a beacon of expression for Brooklyn and beyond.

House of Yes

Client — House of Yes

Product Manager | Designer — Zach Dorsett

Developer — Vic Lam

Asset Design — Hannah MacDonald

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