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Project Information

Project: HoozeOn

Client: Mango Concept

Role: Product Manager | UX Researcher

Year: 2017

HoozeOn is an app designed for the hospitality industry, specifically targeting the problem areas of Customer Service Relations, Employee Self-Promotion, Venue Discovery, and Review Systems.

Our goal was to take a preexisting app, Hoozetending, and and conceptualize a full redesign by surveying the existing market and finding spaces in which to innovate.


Patrons like to see a familiar face behind the bar. While first just an assumption, we validated this claim through multiple phases of research, during which we collected survey responses, led focus groups, and conducted one-on-one interviews with both bartenders and customers. Our goal became clear — to pair patrons with great bartenders — but the "how" remained. 

Qualifying bartenders by quality requires a system of ranking, and determining our personal system proved to be the most challenging, but equally most rewarding pursuit of our project. Through market analysis and wide-scoped research, one of the largest value propositions of our app revealed itself: positive-leaning reviews that rid themselves of a scaled framework. 

Instead, our product focuses on a gathering of achievements, known in-app as “accolades”. Customers dole out accolades for bartenders based on specific skills, personality types, and level of service. It is impossible to earn a poor rating in the app; rather, a lack of recognition will phase you out.

The non-traditional review system has the potential to be a game-changer for this industry and others, leading us out of the negativity-fueled world of Yelp reviews, and the mob-like management from which you can only escape bad reviews through conditional payment. HoozeOn is designed to grow with its users, put them in the driver’s seat, and never look back.


Client — Mango Concept

Product Manager — Dom Propati

Assoc. Product Manager — Zach Dorsett

Asst. Researcher — Drake Danner

Asst. Researcher — Sonia Gannes Araujo

Asst. Researcher — Hasan Ansari

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