Affect change through design thinking.

Project Information

Project: Protothon

Client: N/A

Role: Co-Founder / Design Mentor

Year: 2017

Protothon builds and facilitates design thinking programs and events for students, businesses, and design professionals.

Our goal was to rebrand the concept of a Hackathon, bringing together designers, creative technologists, product people, and entrepreneurs to participate in competitive events intended to solve real world problems through rapid prototyping and design thinking. 


We at Protothon believe that design thinking and its main four components (understand, explore, prototype, evaluate) can help solve problems and push through the walls of innovation for businesses, organizations, and people.

Utilizing this process, we founded Protothon to bring together creative minds of all shapes for practical, goal-oriented design missions. Each event follows a theme and objective, inciting participants to solve a problem of the world through actionable prototyping and other design thinking methods. It is our goal to unite bright minds and talented designers, and then engage them in undertakings that will provide real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Protothon was a thrilling project to undertake and one we hope to continue on into the future. Our first event, sponsored by both Ernst & Young and New York University, brought out over 80 students and design professionals to tackle the real-world problem of disaster relief. The event was inspiring to me and my colleagues, and we look forward to the next. 


Founder — Dom Propati

Co-Founder/Design Mentor — Heather Dega

Co-Founder/Design Mentor — Zach Dorsett

Co-Founder/Design Mentor — Devin Ellis

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