Hello! I'm Zach. Current PM at Occasion Brands, I'm a product person with research and design foundations. I spent the previous few years at Mango Concept, a boutique agency in New York City, where I oversaw the implementation of user experience and interaction design strategies in the practice of creating responsive websites and mobile apps for varying clientele. Being a small firm, my work bled over into all aspects of product development, including interface design, management, and client relations. Although my focus has traditionally been on UX, I have a further background in creative and analytical writing, with an additional focus on film and digital media. I hold an M.S. from NYU's Integrated Digital Media program, in addition to a collection of B.A.s from NCSU in English and Arts Studies.

When not working my 9-5, I’m avidly pursuing my interests surrounding all thing music, games, and art. I live in and love Brooklyn, where you can generally find me at your nearest concert venue, hockey rink, or theater. I’m always interested in hearing about new opportunities, or just meeting new people, so please don’t hesitate to say hi!